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n enduring legacy...

Morrie Wolfman has come a long way since his days in Toronto’s Kensington area, where he grew up as the youngest of six children to Polish immigrants. He watched his father work hard and saw how difficult it was to make ends meet.

Commitment and enterprise were apparent in Morrie Wolfman; even as a young boy he worked hard pumping gas at his father’s station after school. His energy and desire soon propelled him out and into the world, taking him through a few different career paths, but ultimately at the age of 22 he had found his passion and began a lifelong career in the kitchen cabinet industry. The Hamilton Plumbing & Heating kitchen cabinet division proved to be the opportunity of his life, as this was where he first met Mr. J.A.Harold and Mr. E.M. Harold of The Sanderson-Harold Company, who had transitioned their organization from Icebox manufacturing to the fine craftsmanship of custom kitchen cabinetry.

Over the next 8 years Morrie built a strong and loyal dealer relationship with The Harold brothers and during that time Morrie had often admired the fine craftsmanship of a beautifully carved antique table that sat in the boardroom. When he inquired about buying it, Mr. John A. Harold replied he could only own it if he bought the company. So on March 2, 1964 driven by entrepreneurial passion, the 30-year-old Wolfman took a gamble and bought The Sanderson-Harold Company Limited. The antique table he had always admired now sits proudly in Paris Kitchens’ boardroom, where he continues to share the tales of yesteryears and the enduring legacy of craftsmanship that is the hallmark of his company’s success.

Paris Kitchens has not forgotten its strongly grounded roots which evolved from being a leading manufacturer of iceboxes in 1902 to a current-day leader in kitchen manufacturing and innovation. To this day, Paris’ success has been built on “old-world” craftsmanship and throughout the century of the company’s activity, its commitment to quality and excellence has remained unchanged.

Now, in a new millennium with 200 employees, a 145,000 square foot manufacturing facility, proudly located in Paris Ontario, and a completely renovated 4,000 square foot showroom in Richmond Hill, Paris Kitchens embodies a passion for design that stems from the strong feelings of a responsive family-owned and operated business that listens and cares about its customers. The showroom is a testament to the company’s enthusiastic launch into their second century, where customers will find stunning modern, traditional and transitional displays, accompanied by their proud history of the Icebox, showcased as a symbol of the true passion and commitment that is seen throughout the company.

Morrie learned the value of a good work ethic from his father who in turn inspired him to create what is today one of Canada’s great success stories … Paris Kitchens. Few entrepreneurs, especially fifty years later, can express such passion and enthusiasm for their business and their craft as Morrie Wolfman.

As he stands in front of his famous table, the one that helped inspire him to “buy” the company, he muses, “Inspiration is a gift and it is even better when that inspiration takes root and grows into something special. Years ago, a caring craftsman took great effort in making this table and his workmanship inspired me. It inspired me to form of a company that continues to be passionate about design and quality craftsmanship into its second century”.